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5TYM-850 corn thresher

5TYM-850 corn thresher: This series of corn thresher is widely used in animal husbandry, farms, and households. The corn thresher is mainly used for corn peeling and threshing. The thresher separates the corn kernels from the corn cobs at an amazing speed without damaging the corn cobs. The thresher can be equipped with four different horsepowers: diesel engine, electric motor, tractor belt or tractor output. You can choose according to the actual situation. Equipped with tire horsepower support frame for easy transportation. Use object: corn on the cob (with bracts, the water content of corn must be less than 20% Features: 1. Low corn damage rate 2. High removal rate 3. Automatic separation of corn kernels, corn cobs and bracts 4. Easy to operate 5. High output 6. Long service life Parameter information
Item Unit Parameter Remark
Model 5TYM-850 Corn sheller
Structure type Spiral tooth type
Weight kg 120 4 small wheels type
Matching power Kw/hp 5.5-7.5kw/12-18hp 380v electric motor,diesel engine, petrol,tractor PTO
dimension cm 127*72*100 Packing dimension 104*72*101
Working efficiency t/h 4-6 t Threshing and peeling  2-3t/h
Take off rate % 99

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