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Full-feed peanut picker

Features of full-feed peanut picker

1. Full-feeding type: Just throw in the seedlings directly, and the seedlings will be separated automatically.

2. Both dry and wet use: dry peanuts, fresh flowers, can be used for fruit picking.

3. Automatic bagging: with a conveyor belt, after peanuts are picked, the peanuts are automatically loaded into the bag via the conveyor belt, or automatically loaded into the car.
The peanut picker is used to pick peanuts directly with vines after peanut harvest. It can be flexibly moved and used in the field. The fruit picks are clean, the husk breakage rate is low, and the loss is small. Both dry and wet stems can be used. The work efficiency is high, the threshing is clean, and the whole machine structure Reasonable, convenient to move between venues and other advantages.

The peanut fruit picking machine mainly consists of a frame, a motor (diesel engine) walking tractor, a four-wheel tractor, a transmission part, a fruit picking separation part, a fan selection part, a fan selection part, and a vibration mechanism. During operation, the machine is driven by the electric motor or diesel engine to enter the fruit picking system through the feeding inlet or the automatic feeding table. The drum picking rod rotates and strikes to make the peanuts separate from the stem, and the fruit and sundries fall onto the vibrating screen through the intaglio hole. The discharging port is discharged, and the miscellaneous fruits scattered on the vibrating screen are passed through the vibrating screen to the fan suction port to discharge impurities, and clean fruits are selected to complete the whole process

Parameter information

Peanut picker
Model CSL-400 CSL-500
Capacity 400-600kg/h 600-800kg/h
power 7.5kw 7.5kw
Horsepower 12Hp 12Hp
Diemnsion 2*1.01*1.2m 2.1*1.2*1.4m
Weight 160kg 170kg
Model CSL-1000 CSL-8000
Capacity 2-3mu/h 5-8mu/h
power 7.5kw-11Kw 22kw
Horsepower More than 12Hp 38-70Hp
Diemnsion 2.26*1.0*1.45m 6.8*2.3*2.2m
Weight 200kg 720kg

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