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Grain thresher

Grain thresher It is mainly used for threshing wheat, rice, sorghum, millet, and beans. It can be fed to four separations of wheat, wheat bran, wheat straw and wheat surplus. It has the advantages of simple structure, safety and reliability, and convenient maintenance and operation. Equipment advantages 1. Due to the tight work of the thresher and the harsh environment, personnel participating in threshing operations must be educated in safe operation, so that they understand the operating procedures and safety common sense, such as tight sleeves, masks and protective glasses, etc. 2. Before using the thresher, carefully check whether the rotating and swinging parts are flexible and free of collision; check whether the adjustment mechanism is normal and whether the safety facilities are complete and effective; ensure that there is no debris in the machine, and all lubricating parts should be filled with lubricating oil. Working principle The thresher is a cyclone grain threshing device. The threshing device uses the "tornado" type cyclone principle and consists of a cyclone threshing device and a cyclone separation device: the attraction caused by the cyclone is used to feed the grains The mouth is sucked into the threshing cylinder, threshing is realized under the action of the swirling flow, and then sent to the swirling separation device for separation and output. Parameter information
No. Item parameters remark
1 Dimension(cm) 118*80*95 Standard machine
2 Rotor length(cm) 70 Working length
3 Rotor diameter (cm) 23
3 Spindle speedr/min 900
4 Threshing rotor structure Spike tooth type (sorghum, millet, beans) + hammer type (corn) 22 spikes/40 throwing hammers
5 structure type Punching sieve plates with different apertures φ16 corn, φ10 beans, φ5 sorghum, millet, millet
6 Power KW 2520v/2.2-3kw,2800r/min Or 6-8Hp diesel engine and petrol engine
7 Weight 70--120kg Standard machine
8 Triangle belt A1180*2piece
9 Triangle belt A1200*1piece
10 Productivity 1000-2000kg/h
11 Suitable graine Corn, millet, sorghum, castor, beans.....

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