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Multifunctional thresher with advanced design

Multifunctional thresher with advanced design, compact structure and high-quality structural steel. This machine adopts axial flow drum threshing technology and adjustable air volume cleaning technology to clean and separate grains, chaff, grain and straw. It has the advantages of separation, small loss, and high removal rate. It is a research institute of the Academy of Sciences. The ideal machine for researching experimental millet is a good helper for farmers' threshing. The product is widely used in wheat and rice producing areas such as rural areas, plains, mid-levels, hills and so on. It is mainly used for threshing crops such as soybean, wheat, barley, rice, sorghum, millet, rape and so on. Product features The new rice and wheat thresher is a small electric threshing and cleaning machine used in the laboratory to thresh single plants and single ears of rice, wheat, soybeans and other grains. This machine can thresh, clean and separate the grains, and can easily open the cover to check and clean up the residue. There is no cleaning dead corner, and no mixing is completely guaranteed. It has the advantages of convenient threshing, low loss, easy cleaning, and light movement. The surface of the machine is sprayed on the whole, with strong corrosion resistance, which can well meet the requirements for single plant threshing. It has been used in agricultural research institutes in more than a dozen provinces and cities across the country. The rice and wheat thresher is mainly composed of feeding table, frame, concave screen, detaching drum, machine cover, guide plate, fan, vibrating screen and transmission device. The crushing rate is low, the removal rate is high, and the loss rate is low. It can be removed at one time without re-release.

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