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The multifunctional windrower

The multifunctional windrower has the characteristics of simple and reasonable structure, convenient operation and maintenance, small size, light weight, low energy consumption, stable performance, good reliability, and strong applicability. It is especially suitable for harvesting rice, three wheat, soybeans and reeds in small plots, mountains, hills and areas that require straw utilization. . (Working for 20 days to recover all investment)

The overall structure
The power of the machine is transmitted from the main engine and the power output shaft of the windrower to the header gearbox via the drive shaft. The gearbox claw-type clutch and a pair of bevel gears are transmitted to the eccentric crank sliding frame mechanism to drive the cutter. At the same time, it is transmitted to the driving shaft of the conveyor chain via the sprocket chain, thereby driving the upper and lower conveyor chains to move. The Hehe belt is driven by the star wheel of Hehe device. The movement of the star wheel of the scaffolding device is driven by the tooth extraction of the conveyor chain.

The scope of use of the harvester:
★Suitable for harvesting crops such as pasture, rice, soybean, flax, stevia, medicinal materials with upright stalks, and grains.
★The installation of a high-stalk device can harvest high-stalk crops such as reeds, wicker, corn stalks, hemp, sweet elephant grass, chicory, etc. The double-row chain conveys are not blocked, conveys uniformly, and has high operating efficiency. Special wide rubber wheels are used for harvesting. The performance is more stable, and special plots are equipped with anti-skid iron wheels for harvesting according to user needs.
★The same series of header harvesters are mainly matched with small tractors. The cutting width is generally 1 meter to 1.5 meters. The header is placed in front of the tractor, which is conducive to the longitudinal stability of the unit. The harvested crop stems are transported on a horizontal conveyor belt. To the side of the harvester, the one-way side spreading is stable and the conveying is stable. Because it only harvests the crops and lays them out to dry in the field, it is also called a windrower.

Parameter information

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