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The peeling and rotating roller

Structure: This machine is composed of several parts such as grain rod, grid bar, concave plate, fan, specific gravity sorting and secondary hoist, etc., with simple and compact structure, easy operation, stable and reliable performance. To working principle: The peanuts are manually fed and fall into the rough grid. Due to the rubbing force between the rotation of the board and the concave plate of the fixed grid, the peanut kernels and shells after peeling and separating the peanut shells fall through the grid at the same time, and then pass through the wind The wind blows most of the peanut shells out of the machine, and the peanut kernels and a part of the unpeeled peanuts fall into the specific gravity sorting sieve together. After heavy screening, the peanut kernels travel through the separation sieve and flow into the sack through the feed opening. , And the unpeeled peanuts (small fruits) go down from the sieve surface, flow into the elevator through the discharge channel, and then are sent to the fine-grain grid by the elevator for secondary peeling, and then separated by specific gravity. Achieve all peeling. Features: 1. The peeling and rotating roller adopts the principle of dry peeling with wooden roller rotating and electric sieving and seed selection. 2. Imported wood is used for peeling and rolling, the seed breakage rate is very low, and the outer shell is made of iron plate powder spraying technology, which is beautiful and durable. 3. The motor voltage is 220V and the power is 2.2KW. The new copper wire motor has a longer life. 4. The specially designed blower has moderate wind and uniform wind distribution, which can effectively separate the seed and the shell and optimize the recovery rate of the seed. 5. The shelling machine is equipped with universal wheels and adopts a unique side-mounted design, which is convenient to move. 6. Small size and convenient. The peeling rate can reach 800-900 jin (peanuts) per hour, and the peeling rate is above 98. 7. Each machine is equipped with three grate, which can be used for peeling peanuts of different sizes.

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